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We Are Better Together!

This community exists to build meaningful connections between men and women that share a passion for industrial automation and want to learn from each other.

A HUGE Thank You!

We are humbled by the overwhelming support from companies willing to sponsor IntegrateLive! and help us grow.

Our Standard

Everyone from individual members to the companies that have sponsored this project pledge to embrace our three core values.

We are dedicated to interoperability and the sharing of knowledge. Transparency is of the highest importance. We believe vendors should open their platforms and encourage the free-flow of data and clearly communicate the limitations of their solutions.

In every relationship, we seek to add value by being a servant to others. We believe vendors should do the same with fair business practices and publicly available pricing.

We are very aware that we do not have all the answers. That is why we seek to join one another and find solutions together. We will learn from each other, no matter our position, rank, or experience.